Tuesday, May 01, 2007

progress on my process

Here's a piece I worked on last week and it's progression. It started with a pencil, ink, conte crayon and charcole drawing. From there I applied layers of transparent paint and tape to block out area in the drawing that I wanted to maintain. And the last step was adding a selective coat of opaque paint (pink?!??!) and removing the tape. (which is also a surprise in addition to the choice of pink) As pointed out by a friend, this is clearly not my usual palette.

It's back to enjoying the process I guess. While few fellow painters and viewers were wild about my new palette departure, I was thrilled with the new marks and textures I had created. I wonder where they'll turn up next? By taping off and hiding areas of the painting during the process my decisions on where to paint next became more intuitive and less planned. Felt great! Every experiment adds new knowledge to the next piece. Often I find the most challenging part is just starting a new piece (the second hardest would be finishing a piece). I'll try this approach again.


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