Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mod Squad

Last night my husband and I hit the faculty opening reception for the new Modernism show at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. It was a house full of see and be seen people all decked out in their mod gear - white boots, huge plastic jewelry, fabulous fashion and they served fondue and rice crispy treats?!?!? The bar was stocked with Baily's Irish cream out of cool glasses. The entrance was painted bright red with a hot car in the center. It was fun fun fun and good chance to see some of the faculty and students that I so admire.

I spent more time checking out the scene than the show, I admit - but I know I'll go back and see it again. What I did see of the exhibit included a room lined with metal panels to show off the architecture concepts, a kitchen recreated, cups, paintings, jewelry, clothing, and a wall filled with chairs. It's an amazing group of modern objects that shaped our culture. After seeing what was created in the 20' and 30's, I feel like we've gone backwards (reverting to more traditional trends) instead of moving forward (other than Ikea). Where are my gogo boots? Check out this show - it's sensational.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

melissa -- am lovin' the blog. Have been passing it on to friends and former students (now working artists) who all are also, well, lovin' the blog.

Congrats on the wee bairn to be, and be well.


P.S. TJ said maybe next time I'm down you would take me thru some of your work? I'm so in love with the 2 pieces she has.

7:51 PM  

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