Saturday, February 03, 2007

What will be next?

Now that my three week art making boot camp session is completed I've been assessing what I've created. While you can't tell from this photo, I'm dividing the artwork into piles based on how much I liked the outcome and how much I enjoyed the process of that specific piece. I'm also investigating the artworks that just couldn't get to any stage of satisfaction - and if I changed one color or one mark - would it make a difference? My memory is already getting a little fuzzy. My next step is to make a list describing what types of work I am going to approach next - or rather what elements of design and themes will get pulled into my next collages, prints and painting. This guideline should provide a focus and still be open to play and possibilities.

Last week I kicked off the spring semester at the Corcoran. I'm studying painting and collage this semester. My sketchbook class will be starting March 22nd. For more information on Discover-Record-Sketch: A Sketchbook Development course and registration information check out the Corcoran College of art + design web site. My course is listed under the continuing education drawing section. This 7 week course will meet on Thursday's and is going to be a lot of fun. We'll be making a few books out of alternative materials, exploring the benefits of keeping a sketchbook, and discussing how to get started so that you can make it a habit.


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