Sunday, January 21, 2007

fiber frenzy

Now I've really jumped into new territory. Yesterday's goal was to not touch paint. Don't get me wrong I love the stuff, but if I mix my favorite neutral ground (naples yellow, matte medium and gesso) one more time I might loose my mind. I emptied out my box of random fabrics and materials — here's the scene of the crime.

Yesterday morning I noticed my tired couch pillows and thought when this project is finished I need to sew myself some new covers. It's that time of year when I want my surroundings refreshed. And when I think back I tend to have a sewing project in the winter, this must be that yearly itch coming on. I gathered what I could find around my studio and started weaving and sewing. I was intrigued by the twigs I had collected on my walks. I'm not sure what to call this — a wall sculpture?

Next I attacked a vessel using the random stitch. Yes really it's called that, I was introduced to the stitch last summer while I was studying at Haystack School of Mountain Crafts. I asked my roommate (who was in the textiles class) if she would teach me the stitch and she looked at me and said - uh, I think you already know it. Who knew? This vessel was constructed with vaccum bags, cardboard, and lace. It's so bizzare, I love it. My artist friend Lesley Riley sews all kinds of fun stuff including mica, that's next on my list to try as soon as I get my hands on some.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow?


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