Friday, January 19, 2007

One week to go

It's been two days of mark making madness around here. I spent yesterday morning testing over 35 different ways to make varied marks on paper. I tried using a; branch, brush, spatula, ruling pen, string, celophane, palette knife, and something called a walnut stick. I then tried scratching, rubbing, stenciling, stamping, drawing, painting, and burning with both my right and left hand to see what I would get. I'm looking for thick, medium, thin, delicate, precise, primitive and organic lines. I ended up liking my test sheet shown here better than any of the other pieces I did yesterday.

And well that wasn't enough to scratch my itch on this one so I spent the day giving it another go. Surprisingly to me I found that my symbol making and complex compositions seemed to make it's way to the paper more frequently. While I'm not focusing my attention to those aspects, they creep into my work. Of course when I want them there they've run for cover and joined the witness protection plan.

My final mark making attempt today was a small triptych. I looked at Basquait for inspiration. Now he was one wild mark maker. I wonder what he used other than a brush.

I've been making as much art as I can for the last two weeks and I've got seven days left to rock out with my art supplies. Not that I won't be rocking out afterwards, but not at this pace. For instance I might even go to a museum and get a haircut next week.


Blogger debbi crane said...

i really love that triptych

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