Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy new year

My year has been a roller coaster ride of artistic opportunities I didn't think were possible a year ago. Starting in the spring I spent 3 weeks traveling Italy painting and teaching sketchbook development. The summer was spent off to Tennessee, North Carolina, and Maine studying bookmaking, etching, drawing and painting. I spent a good portion of the year living in my sketchbook and out of suitcase. (I gave my travel alarm clock a heck of a workout) These opportunities influenced me every step of the way. In addition to seeing and living in new places, meeting heaps of new people, seeing and hearing about all different types of artwork, and loving every minute of it - I now look at what I'm making and can see shifts in the artwork and the approach. As if all that information finally started to sink in...

What will the new year bring? It's difficult to imagine it can top this past year but I'm certainly open to it! And planning for it. I'm a big believer in the idea that if your write it down it has a much better chance of happening. (you should see my lists) This years list includes (but isn't limited to) teaching a new sketchbook class at the Corcoran and one at the Rehoboth Art league, studying with Katie Dell Kaufman, Andy Saftel and Dolph Smith, an assistant position, continuing the search for a new gallery, hoping to see my sketchbooks published, and develop enough new artwork for a solo show in the next year.

This coming year I aspire to take all the information that I collected over the past year and push my artwork in new directions. Mix it up. Experiment. Try new things. Let loose. I'm going to jump start this process with a self-inflicted art-making boot-camp in January to get the ball rolling.

Happy new year - hope it's filled with good health, good friends, family, bubbly, art, sunshine, laughter and fun, fun, fun!


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