Saturday, November 25, 2006

together at home

Thanksgiving was enjoyed with my family at home in upstate New York. I finished the Why We Are Thankful book and we spent the day basting the bird and watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. Here's my Dad filling in his thoughts. Most of us had marked the book by the time I left. I'm always excited to see what my family will write, I can never predict what's on their mind. My husband said he was thankful to be loved and accepted and on the days he didn't feel so great. I wrote that I was thankful we choose to be together, our health, and that we have the chance to pursue our individual goals.

Here's a peek at Route 15 at 4:30 on Wednesday. Even though the drive can be especially long at this time of year, the golden sun dripped over the hillside. It was nothing less than scrumptious! To me it's the highlight of these short days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo of a wonderful man! He's come a long way, if I must say so myself. And he couldn't be more proud of his four children,
I love THAT book even if not everyone chooses to write in it - it's not easy for many to express themselves in written words.
I too am thankful that we all gather together, even when it's not always so easy...
love to my first born -

8:29 PM  

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