Saturday, November 18, 2006

Book arts fair and eye candy

Today I spent the afternoon at the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair. It was a room full of paper creations and the people who love them. It's refreshing to meet the artists who create these precious objects of desire. I assume they'd be standing there in a superhero cape and mask holding a bonefolder - but it turns out they are, "normal, but not really", people like you and me?!?!? Much to my surprise I ran into a handful of people I studied with at Penland this summer.

I left the show ready to whip out my vast collection of papers and get moving. Wouldn't those papers would love to be books? Or collages or prints? Sometimes they tell me, sometimes they don't, but they've never complained out loud. I picked out some of my monotype prints that I'm going to turn into a book. I used to make my family a Why we are thankful book every thanksgiving, and asked that everyone (guests included) jot down a thought or two. That tradition got lost in the shuffle, but I just received a request (from my dad) to bring it back. So between now and then I won't be making a turkey but I will be making a book.


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