Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Looking good

My final selection of prints are arranged on every flat clean surface I have in this house at the moment, while I attempt to get a overview of what I have. This year I am planning on adding a studio sale table too, I created a couple mini-art board pieces that are about two inches by three inches,thick and funky. I've got the prints just about ready to go, a few paintings to touch up and one or two more petite collages I'd like to finish before the weekend. I can always tidy up the studio a bit more. Hmmm what else could I be forgetting?

I just hung my newest collection of petite collages on my orange wall. In my opinion, just about everything I have looks great against this color so it's been a challenge to determine what lucky pieces will be placed there.


Blogger bob capps said...

Thanks for inviting me to the event on Sunday. It was very energizing to see all of the work. I agree that the collages looked great on the orange wall. May I know the source for the shadow box frames? Also, please keep me informed about the Tuscany trip in May. Ciao, Bob

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