Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Be thankful and enjoy the ride

My drawing and painting class with William Christenberry met this early morning. It's one of the most challenging courses I've taken. (and not just because it starts at 8:30 am) After studying this summer I knew I needed to get back to drawing and strengthen the core skill that influences just about everything I do. Every week he reminds us, "be thankful you have the ability to make these marks, and you must enjoy the process of doing it", it's a good message for me to be reminded of.

His birthday is next weekend, so our class celebrated with extra good gestural drawings and cake!


Anonymous Marjorie said...

Melissa, Your blog is great! I particularly like this post and all the color and great photos you have up here. I'm looking forward to seeing your work in person at your open studio!! My only other comment is that I think that your teacher's reminder might be more useful if it were along the lines of "it is all about enjoying the process," rather than "you must enjoy the process." The "must" is what we're trying to get away from, isn't it?

9:19 AM  

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