Thursday, January 18, 2007

40 works later I try something new

It only took me 40 pieces to finally break out into something new. What's the rush? Over the weekend I loosened up a tad to focus on different materials. Less paint - more collage - wax - and three dimensional stuff. I wasn't able to roll out as many as usual, but the few I worked on felt more resolved. This first piece is rice paper and pods, seeds, drawings, string, and paint waxed together. I envision it as a study for a larger window piece. It's best when viewed with loads of light behind it.

Once I had the wax melted and ready to go I couldn't stop. There are 2 of these and a handful of branches waxed with flag like wings all over my studio now. Here I ditched the rice paper and went straight for the wax. In order to create a mold to pour the wax into, I had to break a frame (it was totally worth it). I would like to try it again and leave holes in it. I wonder if it will melt in the summer heat...

While I was off getting wild with wax last weekend I also attacked this book form. The cover is an altered cigar box. The body is an accordion fold covered with with graphite, gesso, acrylic, and caran d'ash crayons. The content is figure drawings mixed with pictograms. Feels like the cover is still searching for a unique object, I'm still searching for what that may be.


Blogger Lesley Riley said...

How wonderful. I wish I was right there along side of you. Planning a wedding is fun, but not nearly as fun as making art!

8:42 AM  

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