Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm going to need more paint.

I started a new painting class last week with Tom Green. He's approachable, helpful and a heck of a painter. Much of his work is about symbols and graphic interpretations which I am drawn towards. Knowing that I wanted to work larger I started off with the biggest canvas I had - 16" x 20"(pictured here). Well - it only took about 2 minutes to see I had the smallest canvas in the class. The good news is that regardless of it's size I am happy with the outcome. I'm warming up. This group must go through paint by the gallon. I love the idea of working larger than me so I went out and bought a roll of canvas! Whew, no excuse not to work larger now... I just hope I'll use it up while I'm still on earth. The piece I just started is about 35"x40", stay tuned it might take me a while to finish.


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