Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Painting the winter away

When is winter going to end?!?!? While the view outside my window is void of color my paintings are not! As a matter of fact I think I may be over compensating. Here's a painting I finished today. The base layer was created using a random assortment of collage glued down to paper and then applying acrylic paint over it. I love this one, it was loose, fun and carefree to create, the way it should be. I hope to do a series based on this approach, it felt so good this time that I want to explore what else is out there. Beverly Ryan introduced me to a new tool that I used on this piece, a line brush. Who knew there was a brush I had overlooked to add to my tool box? It's a wonderful little long haired brush that holds lots of paint and makes a nice long organic line. It was just the thing I needed on this painting. Thank you Beverly!

Monday I submitted a small sample of my artwork to the Torpedo Factory for review, I believe the jury has already made their decisions but I won't get the final word until tomorrow afternoon. My fingers and toes are crossed. It would be dreamy to have a studio there someday. I love the idea of being surrounded by so many talented people and having a dedicated place to create among them. An ideal blend of solitude and brainstorming buddies. Not to mention an on location art supply store and many restaurants walking distance to choose from. But I have to get in first...


Blogger Carol Barber said...

I love this painting. Loose, free, beautiful color. It's the way I wish I were painting, I'm making things too complicated I think. Congrats, hope that you get a series of these.

11:42 PM  

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