Thursday, February 22, 2007

process process process

This is a shot of a current piece I have in process. I feel like everything I'm working on at the moment is in process. Both my painting and collage instructors encourage me to keep my work process focused (taking risks and learning new things) not focused on the final piece (being cautious and careful that people including myself will like it). While I know I'll learn more that way, and I've just about filled my sketchbook with notes and ideas about this process, I still want a finished piece to hang on my wall, to see and share. I can't help myself.

This piece is a modular approach to a composite composition (or you could say it's a complex group of ideas and symbols divided into many different pieces of boards - same thing). I'm trying to be more loose, fluid, and care free. How am I doing? The more I think about being looser the tighter I get! I have more notes and sketches on this project than I have marks on the actual piece. I think that's part of the reason I love working in my sketchbook, I can be wild and loose and workout my ideas freely - skip the ones that stink and refer back to the ones I like. (and I'll dive deeper into that subject once my sketchbook class gets started)

Next week I'll be gathering my favorite pieces together to submit to the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria Virginia. While it's competitive to get accepted as well as find a studio to work in, I'm hoping to be selected as a resident. I was lucky enough to meet with Kathy Beynette and Sheep Jones (2 of my favorite artists in the studio) this morning to get their opinions on my work. They both agreed after looking at everything (prints, paintings, collage, assemblage, and books) that I should submit my prints. It was a boost to get such positive feedback from two stellar artists and have their reaction to the work echo mine. It will be another process for me to get my application ready...


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