Saturday, March 24, 2007

keep moving

Here's another larger scale painting I've been working on the past few weeks - it's 40" x 52". Whooooeeee. I can't wait to get it stretched and see what it looks like. My plan is to show it at the upcoming artomatic show this spring in crystal city opening April 13th. And to do another three or four of this size before spring is through.

I feel like I continue to fine tune my process with every new piece. Starting with a spine of an idea and being ready to abandon it the minute I need to (sometimes within the first 15 minutes). I've also learned that for this medium I need to keep moving. I stop to look and see what's happening from a distance, but the moment I start to really slow down and noodle around I know it's time to put it aside and start another one. At least that's what I think this week...


Anonymous Jennifer Donovan said...

I just love this. You are so amazingly talented!

6:11 PM  

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