Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bigger is better

Here's a painting I finished up last week. Little by little my paintings are getting larger. It feels good to have the room to spread out on that page and make larger marks. Although I'm finding that requires a heck of a lot more paint and bigger brushes. I'm up to the challenge, I used a house painting brush from home depot on this one.

I experimented with a technique called scrafitto which essentially is scratching out the thick wet paint before it has a chance to dry. You can see it here in the dark brown areas. I love the texture it leaves behind so I took a whack at another one. Still in progress. I could test out this approach for weeks. This painting was inspired by one of my favorite cities Barcelona, Spain. Vibrant colors, endless energy and quirky. I wonder when I'll get back there...


Anonymous viv said...

It reminds me of Provence colors too with that beautiful blue they used on those chairs you saw while you were there. Love the pallette

6:36 PM  

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