Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Artomatic top 10

If you haven't been yet, seek out the new Artomatic show in Crystal City, Virginia. It's overflowing with this areas local artists. Here's a shot of my exhibition space (shared with fellow artist Paula Wachsstock). Both of our work is scattered throughout the walls in room 6C02 in the red section on the 6th floor.

I've continued to receive great feedback based on the review Ellyn Weiss wrote. Here's the link to the review.

Last week I had a chance to check out the rest of the show in detail. It was a challenge to see the artwork last time I was there, along with the other 3900 people who attended the opening night reception. I picked out the artists who's work I found to be outstanding and most inspiring. (I'll let you know if I'm selected to lead an artist tour) This list is not in any paticular order. Here's my top 10 artomatic picks:

Veronica Szalus - newsprint in transition is an incredible floating use of paper

Novie Trump - reliquaries to my eye the most outstanding work on the 8th floor

Kristina Bilonick - time space memory installation reminds me of my Nanny's home in upstate New York

Debra Diamon - gorgeous intuitive marks and string on hand made paper

Ellyn Weiss - 12 feet of art was created on sight! Dang this woman has talent...

Sondra Arkin - these encaustic paintings will send you spinning

Tim Tate - I know everyone loves his work, there's a reason

Elizabeth Morisette - digest the stunning vessel installation is unlike anything else in the show

Brian Murphy - huge frames filled with pieces of sketches, it's like a sketchbook blown apart (of course I'd love that)

Rebecca Gordon - ants installation she loves ants and now I do too

You can find out more about them on www.artomatic.org


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