Thursday, May 10, 2007

judge this book by it's cover

Next time I make a blog entry I hope this book will be filled with sketches and ideas to share from my trip to Barcelona.

I made this book specifically for the trip. Having been to Barcelona many years ago - I referred to my sketches and books while I was altering the cover. That city feels layered in color, shape and energy bursting from the seams and I wanted the cover of this book to feel that way too. I searched for the right paper for weeks before I realized that altering it myself was the only way to go. I guess there's no paper out there that matches my enthusiasm for an upcoming adventure... Like a piece of paper bought off the shelf could ever do that, right?

This book is bound with a 4 needle coptic stitch. Altered paper on the cover was created using caran d'ash crayons and colored pencil. The body signatures on the inside are a combination of watercolor, printmaking and handmade rice paper.


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