Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back from Barcelona!

Here's a peek at Chad and I on the rooftop at Casa Mila last week in Barcelona. It was a week of great weather, sight seeing, people watching, tapas and plenty to fill my sketchbook with. Highlights for me included seeing the structures by Antoni Gaudi. I just can't get enough of his slithering shapes color palette and forms... Mostly based on nature as I discovered. I also found out he was one of the first artists to recycle, using all those bits of broken spanish mosaic shards in his work to achieve those colorful curved figures and walls.

I was able to fill my sketchbook (even with one less day there thanks to usair) and am continuing to add a couple things like color and collage to finish off a few of the pages. I have 2 zip lock bags full of cards, labels, metro cards, brochures, hand written notes of restaurant recommendations, directions, contact information, maps, packaging and random spanish scraps that need to find their way into my book. And I'm sure I'll find another surprise or two as I unpack my suitcase.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaaahhhh... We love the Gaudi! I can't wait to see the sketchbook and hear the stories. I love this blob post - it's got me fired up to attempt some sketchbook action in France!

Love ya! Deb

8:56 PM  
Blogger Hans said...

The works of Antoni Gaudi dominate the city of Barcelona. Though the city is both modern and cosmopolitan in nature, it has a rich history in architecture and the arts. The Sagrada Familia is probably the most well known of Gaudi’s works, and is known as a symbol of Barcelona across the entire world. Many buildings, churches and hotels in Barcelona have an original and amazing design and architecture. A great number of these buildings are World Heritage Sites.
And of course a trip to Barcelona wouldn't be complete without strolling down Las Ramblas through stalls selling flowers and birds, the street artists inventing even more intriguing things to mime and be painted up as statues, and buy packs of fresh fruit from the colourful market.

9:46 AM  

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