Friday, June 08, 2007

from one adventure to the next...

Here's a sketchbook entry from our drive from Barcelona to Bilbao. Since we underestimated the drive (by 4 hours) I had plenty of time to work on it in the car... Plenty. Page includes a map (which proved to be worthless, so I was happy to rip it up) and brochure collaged in, pen and colored pencil. I love this page - very layered, unplanned, loose, and busy. A nice visual feast in my sketchbook.

I'm off on another adventure today - headed to Shakerag to study book making with Dolph Smith and painting with Andy Saftel. Shakerag is located in Tennessee near the Sewanee river (really, it is) - hopefully close to the smokey mountains so it's not so sticky... My bags are packed - I have more art supplies than clothes in my bag... and hopefully when I return there will be more art and less supplies.


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