Friday, October 09, 2009

Secret sketches

Where have I been? Is that the secret? No No - I've been invited to participate in a print exchange of 7 printmakers from the UK and 7 from the US... It's always nice when someone else sets down a deadline carved in stone - a sure thing to get many moving, right? The theme is secrets...

As usual you'll find many lists and ideas jotted down in my sketchbook as I'm trying to work out my theme. I also draw - and redraw - and redraw topics and imagery that makes the bells in my head go off. Much of it is familiar imagery I've been drawn to before but with new meaning and a new story... The print is about half way completed. Right now I think the title will be secret seeds... I'm not totally resolved on that - but usually the words circle my head as I'm carving the board - this one was no exception. But hey - it's not finished yet, so I still have time to discover more.


Anonymous Jordana said...

Yay! I've been waiting and waiting for you to update your blog. I like seeing your new work. Keep posting!

1:05 AM  

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