Tuesday, September 09, 2008

just like joe

When you come by for a studio visit my working space is tidy and organized. But honestly the rest of the time it's more like work in progress. A lot of work in progress. Paint stuff here, book stuff there, paper everywhere. I've been on a book making frenzy getting ready to teach at Portland's Art and Soul conference and for my solo show at the Lee Arts Center.

Just like Joseph Cornell - I find it necessary to go through my inventory periodically. A reminder as to what I have. Who could keep track of all this paper? I spent a rainy afternoon reviewing what I have to work with. This time spent organizing (that I usually consider a complete waste of time) was quite relaxing. Like a basic color exercise. I arranged it by color and found a few gems I'd forgotten about. There're sure to be used, now that I know where they are.


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