Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Artomatic top 10 - 2008

Matt Sesow, painting - yeow!!! This work is full of energy. You can't stand still looking at it. And by the way he's a totally nice relaxed dude.

Cherie Lester, collage - gorgeous collages, I especially love the 12" x 12" neutral one on the bottom right

Novie Trump, ceramics - bringing new life to books, birds and all the possibilities of a neutral pallette. Just gorgeous. And by the way I think she has at least two other shows going on a the same time. Whew!

Sean Madden and Nadia Mercer, installation - they made these birds, bulbs, twigs and chair look like they were meant to be together, like walking into a poem.

Kevin Mellema, drawing - incredible figure drawing. I wonder how many sheets of that huge paper (at least 5 feet tall) did it take before he unleashed that one.

The Howard Gardner School, doodles - a mixed media delight. Pure primative happiness, looks like these green beans know what they are doing. I think some of the most interesting mark making is happening here.

Gail Vollrath, painting - speaking of mark making... incredible marks here too. The line is working hard and working well.

Andrea Roberson, ceramics - these poking parts are in all shapes and sizes, thought provoking, stunning. And would be amazing with some dramatic lighting above my staircase...

Elizabeth Kendall, ceramics - another outstanding configuration that makes me wonder - how did she do that? How could I hang that in my house?

Emery Lewis, painting - these are the kinds of abstractions I can look at time and time again and never get bored. Filled with gutsy textures and gorgeous palettes.


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