Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My first show of the year

Last weekend was the opening of the Connections show at the Printmakers gallery in the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA. It was very well attended and we received some nice publicity in the Alexandria Gazette. Fabulous. While it's not a review in the New York Times it was still nice to see my work reproduced.

Please stop by the gallery and take a peek if you get a chance - the nine studio members each created a piece that's 7" x 49" long. It's a fabulous four hundred and forty one inch show that highlights everyones unique approach to print. I made a linoleum relief print that lays over an acrylic painting (in the photo) that I also adapted to a book. It's going to be an edition of 10... I've only completed one so far... and am wondering why I decided on ten and not two! It's going to take me some time to finish that edition but check out the gallery to see the first one. Titled to and from.

Now on to my next project which is my print for the 2008 Corcoran print portfolio. This years theme is you won't believe your eyes.


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