Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Beehive for sale or rent

Yes it's for sale (but not for rent). Beehive for sale or rent is the title of this latest painting. It's acrylic on paper with crayon, canvas and collage, sizing in at 26" 40". I've assigned myself a series of paintings on paper regarding the mysterious disappearance of bees. Where do they go, on summer holiday?

I'm working on a series with a few set parameters (like size, media and theme) and this is number one. Number two is currently getting a touch up (picture to soon follow) and number three is going to get tackled tomorrow afternoon. (it feels like I tackle them when I get started)

Some of the elements I like about this painting is the energy of the marks and forms and the many layers of text, collage and paint. My goal was to integrate more of my sketchbook approach - and here's the key for me - leave the initial mark making in tact. If those marks are so instinctive, immediate, free and satisfying why do I keep covering them up? Cover them up no more I say - there are here to be seen, let them be as wiley and loose as they want to be! I started this tackle approach (keep it loose, fun and more recognizable) while studying with Andy Saftel last month and have continued the approach while currently studying with Beverly Ryan. Hope to keep the momentum going.


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