Friday, August 03, 2007

the buzz

Here's another look at my series of paintings about the disappearance of bees. It's acrylic with collage and crayon. Titled Seeds from Science.

Speaking of crayons - I just treated myself to a new suite of colors from Caran D'ashe. These are one of my favorite materials to use and abuse. They are water soluble and smear around with paint and water but also hold that just sketched on look that I can't get enough of.

I was a bit surprised by my over the top reaction of happiness when my new box of crayons arrived yesterday. (you'd think it came with a free case of wine?!?!?) I opened them right up - made myself a palette so I could compare lime green to light green and so on... and so on... (with over 20 new colors I'm sure you can imaging the process) I'm putting them to good use on the next piece in this series, and I wonder how much of a difference it will make. Will I keep grabbing the same colors that I already adore or will I take a risk and try something new? After all part of the reason for doing this series is to try something new.


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