Thursday, September 25, 2008

roll baby roll!

Rolling Rolling rolling - we finished up with the steamroller as promised. Master printmaker Steve Prince led us through the all stages of rolling out the six foot print.

He cut up the board into several pieces and we were each handed two pieces of the puzzle. Then it was time to make your way with the materials. For me it was a bit of sketching in my sketchbook then onto carving and the dremel. That dremel certainly picks up the pace...

Steve was kind enough to ink up all of our plates. He says it's all about sight and sound. And he would know - have you seen his work? Well go back to that link and check it out. It took about 45 minutes to ink the entire image, then it was time to load it up and move it out. He cranked up the steamroller and off he went. In the image Steve and I are holding up the print. We were unfortunately short a few pieces that didn't make it back in time for the main event. Steve was quick to point out that - that's life. We work with what we were are given and rarely do we get to choose the outcome. So True... Make the best of what you have. In the end we were all pleased with the outcome.

More videos posted on you tube. Search Steve Prince - steamroller.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Over six feet pure printing love

Whhhhhoooooweeee! It's all hands on deck with master printmaker Steve Prince for the weekend. And here's what I made today! This guy is awesome - not only is he talented, approachable, experienced, encouraging and over six feet tall but he has a fantastic personality to top it off. We spent today singing dancing and testing out new approaches with woodcut prints. (I'm not sure if he's getting ready to print or bust a move here) Even after printing for over a decade I find he has inventive and refreshing suggestions - and encourages the use of the dremel. Perfect! Finally - a tool I already have and know how to use...

Tomorrow we break out the steamroller for a collaborative six foot print. If you're in Arlington stop by, it's open to the community and free. Stay tuned...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Book show at the Lee Arts Center

I'm getting the final touches together for my class and solo show at the Lee Arts Center, opening October 2, 2008. There will be at least twelve books included in the exhibit called Captured. Check out the work in progress!

I'll be hosting a short artist talk October 18th at 3:45. This will give those interested a chance to see the insides of the books and examine the bindings and techniques more closely. Otherwise, while the show is up - please keep you hands to yourself! Any interest in that? Please shoot me an email at to RSVP.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

just like joe

When you come by for a studio visit my working space is tidy and organized. But honestly the rest of the time it's more like work in progress. A lot of work in progress. Paint stuff here, book stuff there, paper everywhere. I've been on a book making frenzy getting ready to teach at Portland's Art and Soul conference and for my solo show at the Lee Arts Center.

Just like Joseph Cornell - I find it necessary to go through my inventory periodically. A reminder as to what I have. Who could keep track of all this paper? I spent a rainy afternoon reviewing what I have to work with. This time spent organizing (that I usually consider a complete waste of time) was quite relaxing. Like a basic color exercise. I arranged it by color and found a few gems I'd forgotten about. There're sure to be used, now that I know where they are.